Who will be using your megavoice?

These are the short summaries of a few of the many testimonies we have received.

Marie in The Gambia can listen to the Bible in her own language, while doing her chores. Her mother-in-law was fascinated by the Bible lessons.

In Myanmar a young man, unable to read, heard the Bible on a megavoice player and is now sharing the Gospel with others.

Girls rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal have heard God’s love for them through a supporter’s donation of 400 megavoice players. Most have become followers of Jesus.

“I used the megavoice to share the Gospel to the non-believers”, says a pastor in Myanmar. “It is so useful to hear the Gospel among the precious Burmese people.”

“This has truly helped us. It makes understanding God’s Word so much better for those who cannot read.” – Church, Nigeria

“I heard the message over and over and now I am a believer.” – Berber believer in North Africa

“The people in the villages are gathering to listen to the megavoice audio Bibles. This is the only way for them to listen to the Gospel.” – Missionary, Cambodia

“Many are coming to Christ. Pastor Phong continues to minister to the Leprosy Colony. He is so happy with the megavoice players for evangelism.”- Pastor Daniel, Saigon, Vietnam