Come to the mission field …
… through your prayers


Join the megavoice Prayer Team
… and allow us to pray for you too

You can have an important and life-changing impact on the ground in every mission field where megavoice devices are opening the Scriptures to the hearts of those who do not read…

… through your prayers.

Please sign up for the megavoice prayer newsletter:

Also, if you have a prayer need, write your needs in here. It is anonymous, but add a name if you like. We’d love to pray for you at the megavoice office – please contact us.

Make the megavoice ministry part of your prayer life.

Along with the Prayer Newsletter you will receive, here are our ongoing requests before God. We value your prayers along these lines:

  • Protection for those ministering God’s Word in harsh and hostile places
  • Open hearts for everyone who presses “play” on a megavoice device
  • Good spiritual soil for our mission-minded partners in areas such as:
    Southern Madagascar
    South Sudan
    Papua New Guinea
    The Pacific Islands
  • Continued success and freedom for our recording studios in places that can be hostile to Christianity
  • Open doors among people whose Heart Language is Sign, because they do not hear – that they can experience God’s Word on a megavoice Envision video recording of the Bible being Signed
  • Blessing and productivity on translators and Bible narrators
  • For all those needing God’s security and reassuring Word in the face of conflict, emergency and disaster
  • Sufficient funding, donations and gifts for the development, manufacturing and distribution of megavoice audio and video Christian media players.

Thank you for praying!