Break the silence of Bible poverty
with megavoice digital devices
+ the megavoice global media libraries.

When you want to give the life-changing knowledge to disadvantaged people who do not read, you need two solutions:

Digital devices

megavoice audio and video devices can work in remote locations with no power and no data connections. They are robust enough to keep working despite heat, cold, dust, disaster and the most severe weather on Earth.

Recordings in local languages

megavoice provides all kinds of Christian content, along with life-sustaining information for disadvantaged communities - in thousands of languages.

Through megavoice you can give both these things to people who do not read.

Meet the megavoice digital devices

Envoy 2 S

Envoy 2 S Dual

Envoy 2 Ember

Envoy 2 Equip

Envoy 2 Echo

The Envoy 2 Elite

Envoy Connect

Envision Video Bible

megavoice Wildlife STORYTELLERS


megavoice has developed various radio (audio) and video devices and improved their functionality over time – from radio (audio) only devices to devices that also play video, greater volume of content and better access to local radio stations.

megavoice media centres – audio libraries megavoice has developed a media resources centre where radio (audio) and video resources are collected and stored and to be provided through megavoice devices.

megavoice devices are changing people’s lives today and for eternity. With solar-powered – powered by the Son! – they can be entirely independent of electricity. Not only is this a blessing to the billions who still live without electrical power, it is a true comfort in times of disaster, when a country’s electrical systems are badly damaged. The Bible can still keep playing!

Bible-loaded Solar-powered players?
Why not apps and smartphones?

As Christians consider donating megavoice devices for disadvantaged people at the ends of the earth, they often ask this question:

“Can’t people just use smartphones loaded with Bible apps or internet access to the Bible?”

megavoice Christian media players are for the millions, the billions, who are too poor, too remote or too at risk of persecution to have a smartphone.


Smartphones are too fragile. They are vulnerable to heat, dust, wind, rocks, floods, bumps and falls. megavoice devices are far more robust, water resistant and shockproof.

Smartphones are too expensive for the majority of people who do not read. A megavoice costs only a fraction of a smartphone. Smartphones are made for profit. megavoice is a charity that simply aims to say “yes” to everyone who asks for a megavoice but cannot afford it for themselves.

Smartphones use data infrastructure. megavoice users may live far from any such coverage or may not be able to afford data.

Smartphones must be charged. megavoice media players can be powered by the sun, so they are suitable for the many places where there is no electricity, or it is too expensive

Smartphones need apps and downloads. megavoice devices come pre-loaded with the Bible, other Christian content and life-saving health and safety information, in the local language.

Smartphones are tied to individual users. Each megavoice can be used by many people. The internal speakers means up to 30 people can listen at a time. The average megavoice will be shared among 10-15 people in its long lifetime.

Smartphones are multi-functional – they can be very distracting! megavoice devices are singular in their function. Someone listening to the Bible on a megavoice player will not be distracted by notifications, texts or calls. megavoice devices foster deep and attentive meditation on the Word.

Smartphones are insecure. They can be hacked and tracked. megavoice digital devices are tamperproof, anonymous and immune to surveillance or tracking. The charging process cannot be compromised. Both the message and device are secure, which can be the difference between freedom and imprisonment, persecution or even death for a Christian in a place that is hostile to the Bible.


The Rocks will cry out
The word of God on silicon chips

“If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”
— Jesus Christ, in Luke 19:40

Today the rocks are crying out. The silicon in the solar panels and digital chips of megavoice players is breaking the silence, to proclaim God’s Word wherever people have ears to hear.

Jesus said that even the rocks will cry out in praise of the goodness of God. Today thin slivers of rock – the silicon in megavoice’s solar panels and audio chips – are crying out with the Good News of God’s Word. 

As Jesus came into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, the religious leaders rebuked his believers for their joyful shouts of praise. Jesus responded that if his followers did not proclaim their coming King, the rocks themselves would do the job.

So it is today, in the most remote parts of the world, far from ministers and teachers. The Good News of God is being heard from rocks themselves.

These rocks are taken from the crust of the earth – a quarter of which is silicon. The silicon is extracted and refined to a purity of nearly one-in-a-billion. Purer than virtually anything else on earth.

The silicon is then laid down in thin slabs. Tiny lines are etched on it, far finer than a human hair. Into these etchings metal is poured, again refined from rocks.

The rocks of the earth have been transformed into the silicon processors, solar panels and memory chips of megavoice sun-powered audio players. Loaded with recordings of the Bible and works of Christian discipleship, these rocks cry out the truth of God, through the megavoice’s robust dustproof little speaker.