Over 5 billion people do not read.
70% of humanity.
They should have the Bible too
and other Christian resources, to enhance and protect their lives.

Give Christian video, radio and audio to the most remote and unreached people in the world.

Help those who do not read to experience the saving Word of God in their own Heart Language!

…how can they believe… if they have never heard …
Romans 10:14

How can they hear? megavoice robust digital audio and video players. Donated by you. 

Help put megavoice devices in their hands, the Word of God in their ears, and the saving faith of Jesus Christ in their hearts.

Designed for the harshest human conditions. Loaded with the Bible, discipleship and other vital information. Distributed by mission-minded organisations.

Affordable & Easy

Far cheaper and simpler than a smartphone

Solid state

No moving parts to break – more robust than smartphones

Charged by solar

(Powered by the Son!) – no charger or power grid needed

Dustproof, waterproof

Listen to Christian audio any time


Loud enough for up to 30 people at a time


Can’t be hacked or tracked in hostile places

On average, each megavoice Bible is shared among 10-15 people.
Think how many people you can bless, with the megavoice Christian media players you donate.

You can also donate video players for those whose Heart Language is Sign.

Help Break the Silence, to End Bible Poverty

Bible Poverty is a tragic human condition.

No access to the Word of God. No way to find out about Jesus. No understanding of salvation.

There are many causes of Bible poverty, including:

  • no churches within reach
  • no mission-minded Christians nearby
  • the Bible is banned
  • Christianity is outlawed
  • local climate and conditions too harsh for printed Bibles to survive.

But the most common cause of Bible poverty …

“I do not read.”

megavoice goal: The End of Bible Poverty

70% of the world’s population do not read. Over 5 billion people! Each one of them is a precious creation.

megavoice designs, develops and produces easy-to-use solar-powered Christian media players for this extremely large group of human souls:

Do you want everyone in the world, even the poorest of the poor, to have access to faith in their own language? That is our goal too.

Through megavoice, you can give the Gospel to the most remote and unreached and disadvantaged people in the world – in their Heart Language – the most natural way for them to understand and communicate.

Many cannot read at all. Others have lost their vision. For the rest, reading does not come naturally enough to clearly understand what the Bible is saying to them about their lives and about eternity.

You can give these precious people the opportunity to experience Christian media and messages, in the language they understand best: their Heart Language.

megavoice devices are loaded with Christian recordings in the local languages, to help people learn about new life in Christ.

megavoice players can also be loaded with life-saving information about health risks, medical crises, first aid emergencies and natural disasters.

So as a megavoice supporter, you are helping to save lives in this world, as well as in eternity.


megavoice – the Pocket Missionary

A megavoice has been called “the Pocket Missionary” because it can continue to work in God’s service in places where no human missionary can be present.

When you donate megavoice devices, our mission-minded partners will pass them on to local believers and churches in the most remote places.

Each megavoice Christian media player you donate can be used by either one person, through its earpiece, or up to 30 people at a time through its speaker. It is usually shared among many people in its lifetime.

If a megavoice costs just $50 and it brings the Bible to 15 people, you are sharing the words of eternal life for just over $3 per precious person.

The Importance of Heart Language

Experiencing God’s inspired words in one’s own language is a life-changing encounter every human being should be able to have, including those who do not read.

They may have had no access to education. They may never have even seen written material in the language they speak – their heart language.

If they can read at all, the process may be too difficult and unnatural to be effective for communication or sharing knowledge

megavoice was established to bring the Bible to these people.

MegaVoice Flashlight_web

The Bible in every hand, every ear, every place, every language

… faith comes by hearing … Romans 10:17

Donors like you are sending megavoice media players into over 160 countries – wherever people face disease, famine, poverty, war, persecution and uncertainty.

The answer to it all these disadvantages is access to the Bible and other Christian content: in the language they understand. 

Imagine a place with no internet, no smartphones, no books, no screens, no health and safety information and no Bible. That is how most of the world lives. 70% of the world’s population do not read. Over 5 billion people.

In most cases these precious people will be in remote and disadvantaged places with harsh conditions, such as the Kenyan wilderness, many days’ walk from church, but it could also mean a resident of an Australian nursing home, who can no longer read clearly.

God loves them all and desires that they all experience the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Now, for the first time in history, the Bible can be in every hand, every ear, every language.

They can hear the Word through an endlessly rechargeable, incredibly rugged, tamperproof and intuitive megavoice media player – loaded with video, radio and digital audio.

Donate now to help put God’s word in the hands of indigenous pastors, mission agencies, Bible societies and translators working in some of the most remote places on earth.

Surely, this is one of the most important applications of any technology in all of human history.

… for one of the most important goals of all: the end of Bible Poverty!