At megavoice, we are driven by a singular mission: to fulfill the Great Commission for those who cannot read or do not have access to the written word.

The 7 key Pillars of what we do:

  1. Partnering to transform the lives of people who do not read

  2. Partnering to reach the unreached and poorest of the poor in the 10/40 window

  3. Partnering to support persecuted Christians

  4. Partnering to foster educational inclusion and empowerment for children

  5. Partnering to bridge the digital divide and create access and inclusion 

  6. Partnering to overcome barriers to digital connectivity: Empowering Through Innovation 

  7. Partnering to support communities impacted by natural & manmade disasters

The Importance of Language

Experiencing God’s inspired words in one’s own language is a life-changing encounter every human being should be able to have.

Some people may have had no access to education. They may never have even seen written material in the language they speak. If they can read at all, the process may be too difficult and unnatural to be effective for communication or sharing knowledge.

megavoice brings the Bible to these people.

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