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Supporting megavoice Australia Limited (megavoice Australia) in your Will

Making a gift in your Will is a wonderful way to continue supporting the organisations and causes you care about, even after your natural life has ended. We greatly appreciate the generosity of all who give to the megavoice Australia in their Will. These gifts enable megavoice Australia to pursue its stated mission and purposes of ending Bible poverty; of reaching all the lost as part of the Great Commission, with a particular focus on those who cannot or do not read; in their heart language (mother tongue).

How will gifts be used?

Monetary gifts to the megavoice Australia are used for the general purposes of megavoice Australia and its work. This may include the creation of new translation work, providing audio and video players & content to those who need them most, partnering with other organisations to further health and education messaging.

What types of gifts will the megavoice Australia accept?

It is your choice, as the Will-maker (often referred to as the “testator”), how to divide and allocate the assets that comprise your estate. megavoice Australia will accept all types of gifts, whether monetary or otherwise. Gifts of real property may be realised after transfer to megavoice Australia and the proceeds utilised to pursue megavoice Australia’s mission and purpose.

If you are supporting megavoice Australia through your Will, we ask that you leave your gift for the general purposes of megavoice Australia. megavoice Australia can then use the money as needed to further our work. If you leave a gift for a specific purpose or program, we may not be able to use the gift as our programs may have changed, or we may have enough funding for some programs but not enough for other worthy programs. If you would like to leave a gift to megavoice Australia for a specific purpose, please contact the CEO Adam Burt on email to discuss, so we can ensure megavoice Australia will be able to use your gift as you intend.

Further, megavoice Australia strongly encourages anyone considering a gift to megavoice Australia, to first ensure that they have met their ethical duty to provide for family members and dependents (eg. current/former spouses, de facto partners, children, grandchildren/members of the household who have been dependent on you and others who you have been living in a close personal relationship with). The ethical duty to provide for family members and dependents is sometimes enforced by the courts, where an eligible family member or dependent makes a ‘family provisions’ claim challenging the provisions of the deceased person’s Will. The court has power to override the provisions of your Will if it is satisfied that that an eligible family member or dependent has not been adequately provided for.

What form can my gift take?

If you choose to make a gift to the megavoice Australia in your Will, that gift might take a number of different forms.

Option 1: You can allocate to megavoice Australia a specific sum of money, or a specific item of property.

Option 2: You can allocate to megavoice Australia a percentage of your total estate.

Option 3: You can allocate to megavoice Australia some of the “residue” of your estate (that is, whatever remains after other specific gifts are distributed).

Option 4: You call leave all of the residue of your estate.

Option 5: You may also consider making a “contingent gift” to megavoice Australia as well as choosing one of the four options. If the person or organisation you leave your gift to cannot accept it for some reason (for example, because the person died before you, or the organisation has closed down), a contingent gift allows you to say where your gift goes instead. You can specify that, should the person you intend to receive your gift does not survive you or the organisation you intend to receive the gift is not able to accept a gift, the gift goes to megavoice Australia instead.

The megavoice Australia is grateful for any form of support you choose to provide. For practical reasons however, megavoice Australia would prefer to receive a specific sum of money/item of property directly (Option 1), as tracking other types of gifts into the future can sometimes become administratively complex.

Suggested wording for gifts

Making a Will is complex. If there is a problem with your Will, your gift (and the gifts to your other beneficiaries) may not go to the people and organisations you want to benefit but as decided by the Court or according to legal rules of intestacy. We strongly recommend you seek assistance in preparing your Will from a lawyer or other expert.

If you would like to leave a gift to the megavoice Australia, please contact us or ask your solicitor to contact us using the details at the bottom of this page and we will send you suggested wording for your gift.

Adam Burt CEO, megavoice Australia
+61 (02) 7252 2238

Please note that this page is just a simple guide for supporters who want to include megavoice Australia in their Will. Nothing on this page constitutes legal advice. megavoice Australia Limited makes no guarantees that any of the information on this page is suited to your own personal circumstances. We encourage you to consult a solicitor.

Thank you for considering including megavoice Australia in your Will.