… for we have heard for ourselves and know that this One is indeed the Saviour of the World… John 4:42

The megavoice team starts with you.

Our promise to you:

You will get to share the Good News.

Supporting megavoice is a highly effective and affordable way for Christians to experience great success in sharing the Gospel with people who may never have heard of Jesus. Many will receive the Word with great joy.

megavoice supporters like you, generously donate to  to support the great commission all over the world.

You make it possible for us and our Partners to reach the world’s most remote and challenging places.


Our Mission-Minded Partners

The megavoice video, radio and digital audio devices you donate will be pre-loaded with recordings of Scripture and life-enriching audio resources.– up to 1600 hours of content – then distributed by our partners wherever they are needed, ‘to the ends of the earth’.

Our partners range from missionary workers in the field to organisations concerned with the work of reducing illiteracy, providing health and educational content.

+ churches and other organisations

As a megavoice supporter, you will be partnering with many brave ministers of the Gospel. Are you interested in partnering with us? Contact us here.

Megavoice Australia Team



Adam Burt, CEO

Adam Burt originally trained as an engineer, but has been working in the accounting & finance industries for the past 10-12 years. He has experience in oversight in the not-for-profit space, and is passionate about supporting kids & all peoples from regional and remote areas. Having lived and worked in a number of places, he understands the importance of cultural sensitivity and identity. He is excited to play a part in fulfilling the great commission.

Who, What, Why, Where, How

megavoice  is a Christian media organisation. Our focus is providing Christian media and other life-sustaining content – in video, radio and digital audio form – to bring hope and improve the lives of the world’s most remote, unreached and disadvantaged people.

As well as making and distributing devices, we also curate large digital libraries of recordings in more than 8500 native languages and dialects. We partner with mission partners, NGOs, individuals, communities and public local radio stations, who can transmit and broadcast the megavoice content in their area. 

Our goal is to give disadvantaged communities access to life-enhancing media, including the Bible and other Christian materials, in their own language – their most natural language for thoughts, feelings and decisions. 

megavoice radio content includes live connections to local radio stations, as well as on-device programming in radio-style formats.

Some communities will be able to buy megavoices for themselves, but most will not. The cost of recordings and players depends on Australian Christians like you.

From the shores of Lake Galilee –
the megavoice origin story

megavoice was conceived in the early 2000s with a profound purpose — to bridge the gap between the Gospel and those who couldn’t read. Our visionary founders, including Tom Treseder, Ken Crowell and Rudolf Geigy, were moved by the impracticality of printed Bibles for non-readers and the limitations of traditional audio formats.

The challenge was clear: how to make God’s Word accessible to everyone, especially in regions where literacy posed a significant barrier. Inspired by a divine calling, Tom envisioned a revolutionary solution. Collaborating with Ken Crowell from Galcom, the team aimed to transcend technological limitations and create a device that was solar-powered, waterproof, and compact.

Today, megavoice remains commited to illuminating lives with the eternal light of the Gospel, embodying the vision and values of its founders.

In the megavoice symbol you will see that the “m” and the “v” form waves. These represent the waves on the Lake Tiberias, where our founders met.

If you wish to purchase a copy of The Master’s Stroke, the story behind Tom Treseder’s vision for megavoice, please click on the cover art picture.