… for we have heard for ourselves and know that this One is indeed the Saviour of the World… John 4:42

The megavoice team starts with you.

Our promise to you:

You will get to share the Good News of Christ with those who do not read.

Supporting megavoice is a highly effective and affordable way for Christians to experience great success in sharing the Gospel with people who may never have heard of Jesus. Many will receive the Word with great joy.

megavoice supporters like you are Christians who generously donate to help create and distribute megavoice players and recordings to those who need them, all over the world.

The witch doctor accepting Christ in Vanuatu; the Islamic imam in West Africa, playing an audio player through the speakers of his mosque; the warriors in North Kenya finding Christ and changing their lives completely, many days walk from the nearest church.

You make it possible for Our Mission-Minded Partners to use Christian messages loaded onto megavoice audio and video devices in the world’s most remote and challenging places.


Our Mission-Minded Partners

The megavoice video, radio and digital audio devices you donate will be pre-loaded with recordings of Scripture and life-enriching audio resources.– up to 1600 hours of content – then distributed by our partners wherever they are needed, ‘to the ends of the earth’.

Our partners range from missionary workers in the field to organisations concerned with the work of reducing illiteracy, providing health and nutrition messages.

+ churches and other organisations

As a megavoice supporter, you will be partnering with many brave ministers of the Gospel. Before megavoice, they were tirelessly sharing Christian messages with tens and even hundreds of people. Now, though, you can help them reach thousands … even millions! … because each megavoice you donate brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to so many people who are hungry to hear.

Megavoice Australia Team



Adam Burt, CEO

Adam Burt originally trained as an engineer, but has been working in the accounting & finance industries for the past 10-12 years. He has experience in oversight in the not-for-profit space, and is passionate about supporting kids & all peoples from regional and remote areas. Having lived and worked in a number of places, he understands the importance of cultural sensitivity and identity. He is excited to support those who do not or cannot read well, & working to end Bible poverty.

From the shores of Lake Galilee –
the megavoice origin story

30 years ago, our two Founders – Tom Treseder and Ken Crowell – met on the shore of Lake Tiberias – the Bible’s Sea of Galilee, where Jesus Christ walked and taught. Jesus walked across those waters!

Tom and Ken discovered they shared a vision: ending Bible Poverty.

Together they developed their vision for innovative ways to share Christian radio and audio content with those who do not read, using the technologies of today and tomorrow – including solar panels. Powered by the Son!

Tom Treseder was head of Australia’s oldest continually operating organisation – The Bible Society. For years Tom had seen the frustration of mission agencies as they sent out the Bible audio cassettes for those who did not read. The cassette players were always breaking down! So, Tom came up with an idea that had not yet been invented: a solar-powered audio player with no moving parts.

Ken Crowell was the American engineer who was able to make that idea a reality. When he met Tom, the first of his “Go Ye” shortwave radios for mission work had just gone into service. Ken’s company, Galtronics, still has a base beside Lake Tiberias. They invented the cellular antennas that are foundation technology of today’s smartphones.

In the megavoice symbol you will see that the “m” and the “v” form waves. These represent the waves on the Lake Tiberias, where our founders met.

Who, What, Why, Where, How –
the megavoice Mission, Vision and Values

megavoice  is a Christian media organisation. Our sole and enduring focus is providing Christian media and other life-sustaining content – in video, radio and digital audio form – to bring hope and improve the lives of the world’s most remote, unreached and disadvantaged people, among the 70% of the world’s population who do not read.

megavoice produces digital devices for people who are blind, sight-impaired, deaf, illiterate or do not read fluently – or they do not have access to media, content and information resources because they are remote, poor and disadvantaged. As well as making and distributing these devices, we also curate large digital libraries of recordings in more than 7400 heart languages and dialects. We provide these devices, loaded with content, to mission partners, NGOs, individuals, communities and public local radio stations, who can transmit and broadcast the MegaVoice content in their area. 

Many disadvantaged communities live with impairments in sight and hearing. Many are remote, without basic technical infrastructure, lacking power, data and devices that would allow them access to Christian video, radio or digital audio.

Our goal is to give disadvantaged communities access to life-enhancing media, including the Bible and other Christian materials, in their own heart language – their most natural language for thoughts, feelings and decisions. 

Christian material includes the Bible, sermons and other media, in 6,500 languages and dialects. 

Additional resources and audiobooks include educational recordings and information on health, medical issues, and livelihood improvement. 

megavoice radio content includes live connections to local radio stations, as well as on-device programming in radio-style formats.

Some communities will be able to buy megavoices for themselves, but most will not. The cost of recordings and players depends on Australian Christians like you.

Mission Statement

Reaching the non-reader with the life-saving word of God, in their own language in a form they can easily use.

We are committed to:

  1. Seeing hope and grace made available to all people through God’s life transforming word.
  2. Providing high quality, easy to use solar powered audio and video players around the world.
  3. Fulfilling our mission by partnering with the MegaVoice family and other organisations to deliver God’s word.

Vision Statement

Enabling people to respond to God by hearing or seeing His Word.

Our Main Goals – with the help of our supporters, we strive to:

  • advance the Christian religion by providing the Bible on digital audio players to people who cannot read and
  • be an audio/oral message provider for people who are blind, sight-impaired, illiterate and for those who choose not to read and
  • advance the Christian religion by providing the Bible on digital video players to people who are deaf and
  • be a visual message provider for people who are deaf or hearing-impaired

Our Values

  • We believe that one triune God created people in His own image; that all people have intrinsic value; that all people have equal worth.
  • We value and promote personal dignity, and the opportunity for all people to experience physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.
  • We believe that enveloping all our responsibilities in committed, regular personal and corporate prayer will bring about the changes we hope to see in the work in which we are engaged.