The Words of Jesus from the Mosque loudspeakers over a Muslim town in Africa

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Al is from the Fulani people-group. More than 20 million Fulani live across upper Africa, from Nigeria to Sudan. Al asked for megavoice digital devices, loaded with the Scriptures and Bible teaching in their language, Ful. 

Because he loves his Muslim neighbours, he also asked for some recordings in Arabic. He shared these with the Islamic religious leaders, hoping that they might listen to them privately and learn about Jesus.

Here is what happened, in Al’s own words. 

“I was walking past one of the mosques near my home. The religious teachers sitting outside greeted me and called me over. As we were talking, the loudspeaker on the mosque was playing a message. I realised it was teaching about Jesus.”

“Surprised, I entered the mosque and found they had connected the megavoice audio Bible I gave them to the loudspeaker. The message was being broadcast over town!”

“As I was leaving, some of them asked me if I had any more megavoices I could give them.”

This is the kind of miraculous impact you can have in places where freedom is heavily restricted. Through your generosity, God will make a way for His Word to be heard, on the megavoice audio Bibles you donate.

Donate megavoice players now …

so people who do not read can experience the Word of God in their lives.

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