Twenty Days Walk from Church Warrior Hearts Forever Changed

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Norm Gorrie is a Gospel minister in Africa. He talks about using megavoice Christian media players to transform lives in very remote parts of North Kenya.

“We’re up right in the far north,” Norm said, “right along the Ethiopian/Kenyan border. They were twenty days walk away! Doing the follow-up is just impossible…and we actually were able to distribute some of the megavoice solar-powered bibles.

“So many of the people there, the adults, cannot read and write. They’re Muslim, they haven’t heard about the Good News of Jesus.

“The elders were pretty sceptical at first, but when they actually hear, and it’s their language,  their mother tongue, that was really exciting. 

“And they really wanted to know more about Jesus. And many actually made a commitment to follow Him.”

As well as Islamic communities, some villages follow traditional warrior culture. “It’s part of their practice to go and steam from other tribes. Even to kill someone from another tribe, it can be seen as the mark of a warrior.”

“This woman from Karara she came up to me. She said ‘Norm, thanks so much for this ministry that you’re having with the warriors. They’re changed. They’re not going out stealing animals from other tribes. And now they’re changed.’”

You can be part of this – helping African warriors find Jesus, by putting a megavoice audio Bible in their hand, so they can hear the Word of God in their own heart language. 

Donate megavoice players now …

so people who do not read can experience the Word of God in their lives.

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