Audio bible devices that reach our worldwide Christian community

We aim to promote Christian and other video and radio (including digital audio), particularly to those unreached and disadvantaged.

Produce and send solar-powered digital devices — loaded with Christian audio bible content and educational information — to the most remote and disadvantaged people.

Why solar-powered Christian media devices?

We are blessed with various:

  • Forms of Christian media — radio stations and Christian TV programs.
  • Means to access Christian media — radio devices, TV, computer, smartphone, smart pad etc.
  • Many people are deprived of access to Christian media due to poverty and lack of infrastructure.
  • megavoice develops and delivers solar powered radio (audio) and video to the disadvantaged enabling access to Christian and other educational content.

Help those who do not read find the saving word of God in their own heart language!

megavoice Media Players for the most remote and disadvantaged people

A great way to fulfil the Great Commission

Over 5 billion people do not read.
70% of humanity.
Let them experience Christian media too with our audio bibles.

Send Christian video, radio and digital audio to the world’s most remote, unreached and disadvantaged people.

Solar-powered Christian media players?

Why not Bible apps or smartphones?

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recordings in 8,400+ Heart Languages

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